Actual Nando’s

Okay, so I had my fake Nando’s a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s time for the real thing. I had a wee catch-up dinner and drinks with a friend last night, and where better to go than Nando’s for casual dining and chickeny goodness?

I apologise in advance for all the pictures of half-eaten food. We dived in straight away and it wasn’t for some time that I remembered I was meant to be taking pictures.

We started with an ‘Appeteaser’ of red pepper dip, which comes with slices of pita bread to dip in it.


I urge you to try this if you haven’t before; it’s really nice. The dip is astoundingly good really; very fresh tasting. We didn’t need it at all though, neither of us were very hungry and I don’t think we even ate half of it unfortunately.


This is my standard order in Nando’s – a lemon and herb chicken wrap, with peri peri chips on the side. I love the wraps, because as well as scrumptious chicken, they’re packed with salad, chilli jam and yoghurt, so they’re really tasty and juicy. I’ve had a burger from Nando’s before and I’ll admit I found it rather dry… the wraps are infinitely better. I had a touch of lemon and herb sauce, as well as peri mayo, on the side to dip, yum!


This rather ravaged bit of chicken is my friend’s half-eaten order of a medium-spice quarter chicken, with a double portion of mash on the side. That sauce is a generous pool of medium sauce… I’ll be honest, I think she’s brave. I admit, I find the medium too spicy… which I guess is pretty shameful. Lemon and herb is so good though!

I don’t really have anything else to say on the subject of the meal… Nando’s is what it is, really. I love it; you know what you’re getting, and the food is always full of flavour… I personally think it’s pretty good value too.